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Kate’s Baptism

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

On January 18th Kate was baptized.  We tried very hard to keep things low key since Noah’s (on Christmas Eve of ’06) was a three ring circus.  The result couldn’t have been better.  It was a beautiful day, Kate did incredibly well and everyone had a great time – even us!  This is a photo heavy post but aren’t you here for the photos?  Be honest.  You don’t care what I have to say. :)

Noah looked SHARP!  This was when we arrived at church.  He couldn’t wait to run around and play on the steps.  I’m sure he was trying to get dirty, he probably thought that would stop the photos.  Silly boy.


It takes a village!  We waited until we got to church to dress Kate because she’s a big spitter.  It took three of us to get her in her gown!



And because of the spitting habit and crazy drool she needed a bib.  Lucky us for having amazing and talented friends she has this gorgeous monogrammed bib with pearls!


Noah and Ayla – being, well, Noah and Ayla


I wish I could come up with a caption for this photo to capture how much it makes me laugh.




_dsc1596   _dsc1600

Kate had hair accessorydrama.  Her hair is falling out so bad (normal for an infant) that I was afraid a bow wouldn’t have anything to hold so we got this.  Then at the last minute found a bonnet so she wore them both (at different times) – what girl doesn’t love a wardrobe change?


This isn’t at all posed.  Do you see Noah?  He was so curious!  He eventually ended up there too.





dsc_9730-2   dsc_9741

dsc_9699-2   dsc_9734




Every kid loves Uncle Joscelyn.  He makes everyone smile!


We had a brunch at the house afterwards.


This cupcake cross cake was made by my very talented friend Erin.  We happen to be related by marriage but I promise that’s not why we had her do the cake.  Erin and her sister, Kelly, just started an official business.  If you need a cake you should contact her!  Erin –


_dsc1687   dsc_9760

Kate changed into her party dress once we got home.  The girl has style, what can I say?  She wasn’t much of a host though, she ended up sleeping through most of the party.  So cliche – Grammy loves to pinch her cheeks!


Her cross was a Christmas gift from Aunt Nikki -







Walter couldn’t wait to get behind the camera!  Our friends and family did a great job shooting the ceremony though and we’re so very grateful!


Wii love Jill!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Our dear friend Jill surprised us with a visit – via a business trip to Florida.  Walter last saw her at her wedding in September but Noah and I couldn’t go and she’d never met Kate.  With our addition and extra space we were able to welcome her to stay with us.  We had a blast!  She was with us for a little more than a week and it was just like old times, well almost.  She was a great house guest and spare set of hands and she instantly won Noah over with the never ending game of “BOO!”.  While she was here we met her brother, visited mutual friends, introduced her to some new friends of ours and generally just enjoyed each other’s company. 

One night after work she surprised us with a huge present – a Wii, complete with controllers and games!  Of course we hooked it up immediately and got sucked in instantly.  Jill used to be our gaming buddy back in the day.  We would stay at her house until the wee hours of the morning, usually until I fell asleep on the couch, playing all kinds of video games.  Hopefully with the internet enabled system we can once again be gaming buddies, even though we’re so far away.  We miss you Jill!  And oh yeah, THANK YOU!

Here are Jill and the kids right before she left for the airport.  Noah was SO not interested in taking photos and SO sad that Jill was leaving.  We suspect he may have thought she moved in permanently.  He certainly accepted her as part of the family!


Family Fun Days and an update on Dad

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Since I’m only averaging one post each week I might as well share the rest of our “Family Fun Days” with you.  Below are some highlights of the rest of Walter’s time off. His first week back to work went pretty well.  Noah was sad after one nap in particular when Walter wasn’t here but we kept busy and managed to keep his mind off of it.  We also had a house guest (more in a later post) which gave him something new to enjoy.

Here we are on a play date with our friends Beth and Aaron.  We see them at least once a week and really enjoy their company. 


Noah, Kate and me on the carousel -

Noah has been a bench rider for the past several months but once again ventured onto the horses.  Two year olds are so weird.  And this one is so in love with his Daddy!


And another day we went to “Apoe and Agoon’s” Farm (Walter’s parents).  Noah loved it!  He checked everything out and did an amazing job supervising the work.  Kate on the other hand decided she’s not one for the great outdoors.  She complained the entire time, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t figure out why anyone would go there voluntarily.

We, of course, post only the happy photos though so everyone thinks our kids are angels.  Just kidding.  We did work really hard for these smiles though so I have to share them!

Noah hunting oranges -

This is a tangelo orange.  You can’t do this with all oranges but if you peel the skin and cut the top off you have instant orange juice, there is none fresher.  You just squeeze the orange together and drink, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.  I felt very outdoorsy doing this!

Here is Noah washing his hands -


It was a gorgeous day!


And here is a panoramic photo of the farm.  With such limited space here you can’t enjoy the full size photo but you get the idea.  Claire and Herbie work very hard growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables and have for years.  While it’s not my cup of tea I give them a lot of credit!  It really is a labor of love!

And then to torture Kate even more we went down the road to Lion Country Safari.  She didn’t like this place much better, the bugs were just a little smaller.  We did the drive through, which we haven’t done in over a year because Noah has never enjoyed it.  Well I think he’s finally old enough to appreciate the giant animals and interesting sights.  He really loved it.  We also did the water park (the only one open in January) but didn’t get any photos of it. 

Noah kept saying – “I want the rions to go ROARRRR!”  I love that kid!

And he was fascinated by the zebras!

If you look closely you can see the baby white rhino under the mom.  He was soooo cute!  There were also two giraffe babies but their photo didn’t come out so well.

On a more somber note, one of the reasons I’ve been so slack in blogging is my Dad.  He gave us quite a scare this week.  We’re not sure why but he experienced a seizure and brain bleed.  He’s still in ICU being poked and prodded and at the moment all of the doctors can only scratch their heads and wonder what happened and what should happen next.  I’d like to give a little public love to my sister, Nikki, who happened to stop by the house when my dad was home alone and all of this started.  Had she not we’re not sure this story would have ended as good as it has.

Here’s my Dad -

He is the most amazing cook!  This is him cooking Thanksgiving dinner in 2007. 

And here is the moment we realized we don’t take nearly enough photos of him.  Because – well, that’s Noah.

And so is this.

And here’s a real oldie, unfortunately I’m not omitting much in between -

Happy 3rd Month, Kate

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Kate turned 3 months old on the 22nd and we celebrate the occasion (naturally) with a photo shoot.  She’s a big girl, tipping the scales at 15 pounds, but a very happy baby.  She’s gotten really good at controlling her head and she pulled up completely on her belly for the first time the other night.  She’s a little lazy when it comes to physical activity but I would be too if my thighs looked like hers, oh wait they do – and I am!

Here are some photos from the shoot -


So happy!  The second photo should have the caption – “Call me!”


And for a kid who hates having his photo taken he sure is around anytime is sister is having hers done!

Unfortunately for Kate she inherited my horrible feet and toes -

I love this picture because it reminds me of some of my favorites of Noah (he was 4 months) -

Still think they look alike?

This is her “talking”, she’s very vocal and social lately -

And this is my favorite photo from the day.  She’s so beautiful (a touch biased, maybe)!

Unfortunately she’s starting to lose some hair so the bow may need a break but I found a cute headband (not garter belt, don’t worry) to ward off all the boy comments.

We also went to the Delray Christmas Parade (as we do EVERY year) around this time but don’t have enough photos to give them their own post, sorry for the blog sandwich -

Here’s the reason I even brought up the parade, believe it or not there are a few things that go on in our lives I don’t post about.  Noah was so excited this year for the parade and I love that I caught it in this photo -

He loved the lights, the bands, the dancers, the floats, and as usual – hated that I brought the camera.

Kate slept through 99% of the parade.  When she woke up she wanted to eat.  I can’t believe fire trucks and marching bands don’t phase her.  I guess all the practice of sleeping through her brother does the trick.


Noah has a flashing red nose too but my camera battery died before I could get a photo with both.  Since we’re being nostalgic I’ll also show the last time he wore antlers -


Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

We’re such party animals!  The kids were in bed by 8pm and we played video games (with the Dick Clark-less New Year’s Eve show on in the background) until just before midnight, which is when I logged on to wish you a very healthy and happy New Year!  If I play my cards right I’ll be in bed soon but I wanted to share some of our “family fun days” from Walter’s vacation with you.  We did something almost every day and enjoyed his time off thoroughly.  I’m really dreading Monday when reality moves back in!

Why I thought Walter wanted to check out all the new shopping centers is beyond me.  I took him anyway and as long as I fed him he put up with my window shopping.  Our first trip was to the Pembroke Pines Shopping Center which is phenominal!  It’s an outdoor mall with a lot to see.  We had a blast and the weather was perfect!

We ate at the Pub where all the staff (ALL of the staff) wore kilts.  The food was great, the beer was incredible and the outdoor seating really made dining with a two year old a lot easier.  Kate, as usual, slept through the whole experience.

Here Walter and Noah are playing “guess what letter I’m drawing on your back!” – one of their faves!

We both got the fish and chips and the three of us polished the plates completely.  My friend Beth has tried the fried pickle here and said it’s divine!  Maybe next time!

And this is what that wonderful two year old does with ketchup.  He eats it.  Not with his food, with his finger.  He eats it.  Gross.

The area was beautifully decorated for the holidays -



Noah has always loved waterfalls and fountains.  You may remember the very anticlimatic trip to Niagara Falls.  Since then we’ve discovered that these little guys do the trick just fine!