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Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Christmas Eve was awesome!  Although I was at the end of my rope, ready to drop the kids off at the fire station, I pulled it together and we all went to church.  I knew it would be past their bedtime and I looked horrible, not even putting on makeup and only managing to get my hair in a ponytail but it was what it was and I needed something to get me in the spirit.  Our church always has a beautiful candlelight Christmas Eve service and this year was no different.  The choir was amazing and the hymns did the trick.  What a magical night!  Here are some photos Walter managed to get in the low light.

Noah made himself right at home as soon as we got there, lounging on the pews. 


Nikki, Julia and my mom came.  Thank God for extra hands to hold the baby!  Everyone always asks where Kate gets her amazingly long fingers from.  Do you see my sister’s?


Tom Lacey is our favorite Pastor.  He “remarried” us and baptized Noah.  He’ll be baptizing Kate very soon.

Isn’t our church gorgeous!?


Anyone who knows Noah knows he loves fire.  This was his favorite service so far!

But he was very antsy and very tired.

And Kate was just tired.  She finally gave in and napped on Grammy’s lap.

And when we got home we bathed Noah and put him in Christmas pj’s – a tradition in my family.  Isn’t he too cute?  I believe this may also be our only photo of the tree, which is already down.


Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

I know, it’s not very politically correct to wish anyone a Merry Christmas these days but that’s what we celebrate and I’m taking it upon myself to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  I do also wish great things for those celebrating other holidays, we even went to a Hanukkah party this year, but right now it’s Christmas Eve so a Christmas greeting is what you get!

It doesn’t feel much like Christmas outside, with these crazy 80 degree days in the dead of winter, but the trees and lights are up and we’re anticipating a visit from Santa.  Tonight we’re going to the candlelight service at church which is always very beautiful and tomorrow we’re zig zagging across Palm Beach County to make our rounds with the family.

Last week we had a few friends over for brunch which was very nice.  Here are a few moments from the day -

My awesome peppermint bark hearts, that wouldn’t have been possible without my super crafty friend Kim, whose idea I totally ripped off!

Pretzel rods – these were awesome!  I made some kid sized ones too!

The grub!

Those cupcakes are the size of my head!  Costco rocks!

The kid table, missing a few of the kids.

And something no one thought they would ever see.  Our friend Dave touching a baby.  Kate wasn’t too sure about him at first but as soon as she realized they spoke the same language (of food) all was forgiven.


Later that afternoon I recieved a beautiful gift from my friends Ed and Nanda of Petunia Flowers.  They made some poor guy bring it all the way up from Miami but I am so grateful, we have really enjoyed it!  Ed and Nanda were the angels that did my shower arrangements, aren’t they so talented?!


And it had the most adorable little card -

And since we’re on the subject of Christmas I suppose I should share with you our trip to see Santa.  It was very anticlimatic and horribly dissapointing.  We drove all the way down to Aventura Mall in Miami because we heard it was a great experience.  I was having trouble deciding between there and PGA.  I knew the PGA Mall (the Gardens) had a gorgeous Santa but not much else.  I was told this one had a very pretty Santa (shoot me, we’re into photos) and a lot of kid things to do.  We took the bait and boy did we make the wrong choice!  Santa was a class A jerk!  Even in Boca you get a very friendly guy who wants to know your name and what you want for Christmas.  This guy was all about the photo.  He pulled the kids onto his lap, yelled at Walter about where to stand (because of course you can’t interfere with their overpriced poor quality photo scam) and then told Noah where to look.  And as soon as one picture was taken he wanted to know who was next.  Ummmm, there was no one else in line.  We felt very ripped off and I felt violated on the kids’ behalf.  Anyway, they did have a train ride and a play area but that hardly made up for it.  Here are some picture from the experience.

It was definitely a gorgeous place with a pretty Santa, I’ll give them that -


Noah really enjoyed riding on the train.  It was a very short ride and he wanted to go again but we all had lost our Christmas spirit by then.

And here’s our OCD son closing the train door.  We’re going to claim he’s a gentleman in the future, but for now it must be OCD.

So we’re hoping the nice Santa will visit tonight.  Afterall, we’ve all been pretty good.  I hope you all get exactly what you’re wanting.  Is it wrong to ask for a silent night (with no hungry middle of the night wake up calls)?

Family and Friends Odds and Ends

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Before yesterday it had been awhile since you heard from us.  Sorry about that!  I’m trying to catch up.

I’ll start with the rest of Bruce and Peter’s visit.  On Thanksgiving Walter, Ian, Bruce and Peter took all the kids to Sugar Sand Park.  They had a great time!  Kate and I stayed home and watched the Macy’s Parade.  Walter managed to get a few shots -

Jaimie                                                                     Olivia


Noah                                                                      Ian and Amy


Here’s Noah the day before at another park.  I picked this one out because I wanted to show you a photo of him in this same tunnel awhile back.  What a difference two years makes!


Then in December…

Remember our girlfriend Lauren who let us do her (amazing) pregnancy photos?  Well she had her little guy Max a few days after the shoot.  He was born on December 3rd and is just too cute for words.  We were originally supposed to do photos on the 6th, it’s a good thing we didn’t wait! 

Here they are in the hospital -


Isn’t he too cute?  Beth and I actually dragged our whole gaggle (of three kids) to go see her.  It’s amazing she even let us in the door!  And then we dragged the new mom of two to a playdate the following week -

Noah                                                                              Kate and I – my sister made me this great sling!


Aaron loving the swing - as always!



Alex, Lauren’s older son and Max’s brother

And then we sent Kate and Max on their first date.  They are only two months apart (although she looks about 6 months old next to this precious 9 day old baby) and already enjoy each other’s company.  Just kidding, they’re probably sharing stories about how their older brothers torture them when no one is looking.

Kate and Max holding hands -

Kate with the “yes!” or “score!” fist pump, Max thinks she’s boring -

Too cute.  Is she mocking him?

And then my little bipolar princess -

And our attempt to get all the kids in a picture.  Alex refused so here’s everyone else.

Beth and I fought over, I mean took turns, holding Max.


Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Whoever taught my son the concept of “why?” needs to be stoned!  My God, EVERYTHING is “why?…but why?…” and after awhile the answer is “BECAUSE I SAID SO!”.  For the most part we try to answer all of his questions, which we require to be actual questions, hoping he’ll retain a little bit of the information but after awhile you just want to hit your ahead against the wall.  He is just too curious – or nosey!

“Why are these lights on?”
“Why are these lights off?”
“Where is our house?”
“Why do we live there?”
“What’s that (total stranger) man’s name?” (that we’re standing within earshot of)
“Why are we going?”
“Why are we stopping?”
“What are you thinking?”
I am not exaggerating even a little and the questions don’t ever stop, not even for him to breathe!  Any idea when it stops?  Is it to late to ask Santa for a mute button for him?

Kate is doing well.  She just yells at us so far but luckily her needs are still simple.  She loves to smile and flirt now and it’s so much fun getting her to grin.  She has found her hands and thinks they are the coolest thing ever.  We often find her liking her fist or doing tai chi when no one is looking.  We’ve also discovered that she has a dimple!  The ying to Noah’s yang.  Each of them have just one, on opposite cheeks, like they share a pair.  Today is her 3 month birthday!

Walter and I are very well also.  He’s off until the end of the year – which I love!  We are trying to do fun things, catch up with friends, take trips to attractions we don’t get to often, and generally just spend time together.  We’ve been doing quite a few photoshoots for friends, family and clients.  It’s been a long time since this was something we did so often and to be honest we didn’t think it was something we would every do with regularity again but we enjoy it so much that we’re making it work.  We charge just enough to cover the babysitter and our time to do the shooting, editing, and airbrushing and we’ve really been having fun.  Maybe when the kids are older we’ll set the studio stuff back up and play with that again.  For now only our kids get studio shots.

We hope you all are well and are enjoying the holiday season.  I will try to blog about our adventures since Walter’s been off, we have been diligent about taking photos!

Here is part two of decorating the house for Christmas -

I told Noah he had to wear his Santa hat if he was going to help decorate the tree.  It was the rule.  He was thrilled.

He loved hanging ornaments though.  This year we invested in an entire collection of shatterproof ornaments.  It’s a good thing too, Noah has tried to spin the tree a few times.  Lovely.  He couldn’t stay focused on which set we were hanging at the time and went back and forth between all the choices.  He loved putting the hook on himself and hanging them.  I couldn’t help myself, after he went to bed I rearranged some of the ornaments.  Who needs six hanging off the same branch?!


The next evening the kids and I were going to hang lights outside in the bushes.  What a disaster.  I think they were both crying before the second strand was up.  I did them another time, by myself, and they look fabulous!  Of course Noah likes everyone else’s lights better but at least we have them up this year.

This was before we started hanging them.

And when I realized my car was in all of the photos I dragged them to the front door.

I just realized I don’t have any photos of the final products.  I’ll work on that, and my Christmas shopping!

Brain freeze!

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Noah got his very first case of brain freeze today and boy was it funny!  We went to Rita’s to get treats for later and the manager gave him a sample milkshake that was just his size, the straw was even cut to be kid (or sample) sized.  He took one sip and was hooked!  He started inhaling it and then all of a sudden started crying!  I thought something had happened but he started screaming “it’s too cold!!!” and grabbing his head, and then he begged for me to pick him up.  I started cracking up!  Maybe it was more funny in person but I chuckle every time I think about it.  The staff looked really concerned and then I told Noah that they call that a brain freeze and everyone started to laugh.  My poor baby.  It took him a while to want the milkshake back and as he was cautiously sipping it the shopping cart hit a bump and he dropped it.  He was equally hysterical over losing his drink as he was when it tortured him.  Some days you just can’t win.

That’s all I have for stories but I wouldn’t dare post without photos so here are a few shots of us setting up for Christmas -

Noah wanted to help very badly.  The first few sets of branches were almost bigger than him so he waited patiently until they got small enough for him.

He loved trying to lock them in but wasn’t very good at it.

One of the biggest reasons he had so much trouble was because Mickey Mouse was on TV.  He gets heavy after awhile and we had to keep telling him he either needed to work or get down.  I wasn’t a fan of holding him over the tree while he caught up on the mouse!

I’ll post another day about Noah’s “help” in decorating the tree.  We invested in shatterproof ornaments but the fun never ends here at the Yap house!

And a little later we took photos of Kate for Aunt Lindy because she loves this outfit – thanks for the cool duds, Raven!


She loves to smile and she’ll flirt with anyone!  She’s already more outgoing than her brother!