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Bowl Me Over!

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

My lovely husband didn’t want to take Noah with him to the barber on his last visit, he didn’t think he needed to go.  I couldn’t have disagreed more.  So I took it upon myself and headed out on Wednesday for a little haircut.  Unfortunately I don’t know how to “order” a man’s haircut.  I asked him for a graduated step on the sides and back.  I now know I should have asked for a fade or for him to just clean up the sides.  What we got was a bowl cut.  The good, old fashioned, bowl.  And while Noah can certainly make it work he does look a little… like his dad should have taken him.

_dsc5263.jpg _dsc5295.jpg_dsc5297.jpg _dsc5305.jpg

“Cookie Bus”

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Noah and I went to the grocery store early in the morning and when we pulled in we see this big Entemman’s delivery truck.  There was a photo of a chocolate chip cookie that took up the entire side of the vehicle.  Noah took one look and said “MOMMY!  Cookie Bus!”.  I don’t know why that made my day, I thought it was hysterical though, funny enough to share.  We later came up with jokes on how cookies get around – on the cookie bus of course, and I’m just so impressed that he could put those thoughts together.  He demanded to drive (they have these limo sized shopping carts with cars on the front with steering wheels) to the bakery and get a cookie.  He scored one with Easter sprinkles and couldn’t have been prouder.  I’m sure that cookie had just gotten off the bus to wait for him.


(Sorry all I had was my camera phone!)

Goodbye Girls!

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Our dear friends Kim, Kelly, Peyton and Sydney have moved!  For those of you who don’t know “Kimmie” she is my “friend with the twins” who we see at least once a week and we are going to miss her and her family immensely.  Lucky for us they have landed in Washington DC and her husband will be working right across from XM’s headquarters so Noah and I have dibs to tag along next time Walter heads up that way.  Unfortunately it couldn’t ever be often enough.  We wish Kim and her family the best of luck and hope that we get a chance to head up soon!

To celebrate, most of the girls from our Wednesday group had a girls’ night out at the Melting Pot.


And one last Wednesday.  Aaron left before the camera made an appearance – sorry Beth!


Six months ago we hosted the girls’ birthday party at the house.  I will always have such fond memories of this.  I miss you guys!




Congratulations Pam and Troy!

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Pamela and Troy were married on Sunday, February 17th at Benvenuto in Boynton Beach.  My mom watched Noah so Walter and I could enjoy the wedding without any juggling or entertaining.  I can’t remember the last time I didn’t carry a giant diaper bag/purse!  We had a great time and even managed to get a dance in. 


The ceremony was great but unfortunately our seats were out in right field so we didn’t get any great shots of the nuptials.  We did get a good chuckle out of seeing what tough work being a flower girl is!

_dsc5121.jpg _dsc5149.jpg

The reception was beautiful!

_dsc5206.jpg _dsc5205.jpg _dsc5216.jpg

The dances were so touching!  Troy and Pam danced together of course and they had the traditional daughter/father, mother/son dances but I’m not sure how many dry eyes were left after Troy shared a special dance with his daughter, Rebecca.  It was precious!


It was great seeing the extended family two days in a row!  These are a lot of the same people at the table shot from EJ’s birthday.  Amazing what a difference a day (and some fabulous clothes) makes!


This is Walter’s cousin and the groom’s sister, Tracey, and her husband Huong.  They’re expecting their first child, a daughter named Hope, in May.  She looked radiant but just kept saying she felt huge – at least she’s sleeping, right?



Happy Birthday EJ!

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

EJ’s 2nd birthday party was held at Veteran’s Park in Delray on February 16th.  What a great place for a kid’s event!  They had an amazing playground and a great pavilion.  We had a blast!  Thanks to the McMullen family for having us!


It was great to spend time with Walter’s family that we don’t get to see very often.



I’m not sure what Noah loved more – the playground or the chips!  He couldn’t stay away from either!

_dsc4793.jpg   _dsc4772.jpg

Could these two be any cuter?  This and the manhole photo were totally unstaged! 

_dsc4940.jpg   _dsc4938.jpg

Let them eat cake!




Noah and Jaimie had totally different ideas when it came to the proper utensils for cake eating!


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Happy (Chinese) New Year everyone!  We celebrated at Walter’s parents’ home and got to enjoy tons of out of town company!  Aunt Kay’s birthday was just a few days later so everyone flew in for the celebration.


The cousins of course loving on each other as usual but also enjoying the company of relatives they’d never met.  We’re hoping our northern roots don’t stay away quite as long before visiting next time.  Wayne hasn’t been here since our “wedding” when he spent a week in a hot house with no electric courtesy of Hurricane Frances.  Sorry about that!



Aunt Kay cooking up a storm with all the “aunties”.  The food was amazing!


Here are all the siblings (8 total, 1 who has passed) and their spouses – and two of the cutest grandchildren.  It’s not very often they are together and it’s even less often they let you take a photo.  We sure had a full house!  Can you see some of the food next to them?  Yum!