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Our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Monday, September 8th, 2014

It’s been 10 years since we said “I do”! I can’t believe it! Some days it feels like a lifetime and some years it seems like we met yesterday. It’s been a wild ride that we are very proud of. We are so blessed and so grateful, I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring!




Playing dress up!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

I have always wanted to photograph Kate in my wedding dress. Not because it would fit, or because I hoped she’d wear it someday (I actually hope she doesn’t), but because there is nothing more special than to see a little girl play dress up – and this was the ultimate.

We had such a great time doing these photos, I was surprised that she thought is was so fun! Of course, that made my day!


The dress is so heavy, she had trouble standing up but she loved trying to twirl! I can’t get over how little she looked in it!

dress-3    dress-1

I will love these forever! Someone suggested giving her these photos on her wedding day but I’m pretty sure they will never be as special to her as they are to me!

Wedding Bells!

Friday, January 18th, 2013

One of my very best friends is getting married!! Raven was my Maid Of Honor and now I am one of hers! The big plan is to have her hitched by Saturday evening in the most gorgeous gown but tonight we rehearsed for the big day!

As usual, Dave takes his responsibilities very seriously, including the art of photo bombing!


Sashaying down the aisle after the faux knot tying!


Yes, really.


Raven’s incredibly beautiful and supportive family!


The girls. Rachelle and I are in this together as Maids of Honor.


What I learned in the Elementary Cafeteria

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Noah loves when I volunteer at his school. Until he’s embarrassed of me, I’m going to do whatever I can to make his day and make a difference. Today I volunteered in the cafeteria, something Noah has been asking for since kindergarten. I want to share with you all that I learned; I never imagined it would be so much!

  • Everyone has to pee, and almost everyone waits until lunchtime.
  • Some parents send complete junk, some send almost nothing at all, and some over achievers make complete gourmet spreads.
  • Some kids LOVE vegetables and some want nothing to do with them. Either way, if you’re buying your lunch from the school you have to choose at least one.
  • Wrappers from fruit rollups make awesome headbands (across the forehead, tied in the back), especially if you’re a boy.
  • Kids have no inside voice, not just mine.
  • A boy who wears a cap because his hair hasn’t come in after chemo stands out more to adults , kids don’t even notice.
  • By third grade you know the A word, the B word, the C word, the F word, and the N word. Yes, really.
  • Should you be unlucky enough to get a random and spontaneous bloody nose, the entire cafeteria thinks you’re dying and word spreads like wildfire!
  • Kids put condiments on the weirdest things.
  • Teachers of special needs kids are angels.
  • Lunch ladies who feed 300 kids in 3 hours need a raise, they are the most intense but expertly organized 3 hours I’ve ever seen!
  • Some kids have to eat lunch at 10am because it’s the only time that’s left. I hope they get an afternoon snack!
  • Bossing kids around as a grown up brings out your safety patrol training and gives you a power trip.
  • If you single a kid out, even if it’s because they are amazing, they get embarrassed and shut down.
  • You know which kids will fall into the stereotypical roles in high school even when they’re six (bully, most popular, cheerleader, ROTC, football star, homecoming queen, outcast, most sought after boy, etc).
  • You cannot sweep a brownie off linoleum after it’s been stepped on. It’s just impossible.
  • Kids will almost always eat what you send, or at least some of it. Only one turned down their packed lunch because he didn’t like what was inside.
  • Wooden spoons for ice cream make awesome sling shots.
  • Cheese sticks are really hard to open, as are thermoses, and press to lock tupperware – especially when you are under the age of 8.
  • If you’re really good, the lunch lady will give you half of an ice pop.
  • Noah’s school sorts their trash and recycles. This came as a shock to me, I hope other schools do the same.
  • At least 5 girls will need to see the nurse for a bandaid to cover a scratch that almost doesn’t exist.
  • Kids who had a bad morning are still crying and sad at lunchtime. One little boy broke my heart.

I’m sure there is more but now I’m rambling. If you get a chance to volunteer in your kid’s school, you totally should. It helps you understand their day better and the boost you get from watching them brag to their friends that you’re there is the closest you’ll ever get to a “thank you”.

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day hun! You always doubt yourself, but I just want you to know, I think you’re the most amazing mother. You have the biggest heart and go out of your way to try to make everyone happy. All your friends can certainly attest to that. You love and take great care of the kids and me too. You make life fun and interesting.


You’ll take the kids to the middle of circle time and to see Handy Manny when they are being shy.


And you’ll feed the lorikeets even though their little claws skeeve you out a little.


So here’s to you hun.  I wish I could give you more or show you more properly how much I love you and how amazing you are.


Happy Mother’s Day!

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

You know those posts when people go on and on about their vacations and seem to post every. single. picture?  Annoying, isn’t it?  Well, this is one of those posts.  Sorry.  You can scroll through and miss the commentary without hurting my feelings.  Promise.


Two weeks ago Robby and I took Ayla and Noah to Disney!  It may seem a bit unusual but Robby had time off during the week he had to take and I wasn’t up to anything so we decided to take the kids and knew they would have a blast sharing the experience with each other.  Boy, were we in for a few surprises!  But overall, we had a blast!

The night we arrived we had dinner with the characters in our hotel.  Ayla wasn’t totally sure about them, probably because of their size.  So long as dad was in the middle though she was pretty agreeable.




Noah wasn’t interested – SHOCKER – but when I asked him to do it for Walter so he could see how much fun we were having he agreed.  Please excuse his shorts.  Unfortunately he’s only growing taller and is in the same shorts from two birthdays back.  They’ll be Daisy Dukes next summer.

IMG_0749   IMG_0752

The desserts at the restaurant (in the Swan Hotel) were ridiculous!  We got a little bit of everything to try and one thing was better than the next.  I wish we had a before photo, I’m sure it would have been much more appetizing than the aftermath of half eaten treats.



The next morning we were planning to go to the Magic Kingdom.  Unfortunately an all day rain storm had the same agenda.  It rained ALL DAY.  Luckily it didn’t slow us down.  In fact, besides the ponchos, the park was fantastic.  There was no one there and there were no lines!  Score!


After this photo we went to breakfast.  On the way back from breakfast, Noah walked into a wall.  The wall won and he had a bloody nose for the rest of the day.  Excuse the leftovers in the rest of the photos.  Yes, he’s fine.  I think he must get his clumsiness from his father. :)


The kids were anxious to get on the monorail!

IMG_0780   IMG_0785IMG_0790

Once we got in the park we immediately bought the classic Mickey poncho.  Somehow Noah’s was HUGE.  I still don’t know if they gave him the kid size!

IMG_0793   IMG_0796

To dodge the rain we went to the Country Bear Jamboree.  This was a first for Noah and I think maybe me too.


Exciting stuff.



We had to hit up It’s A Small World, I think that’s a given!

IMG_0825   IMG_0834

It still amazes me how mesmorized the kids are by this ride!



And then, believe it or not, WE WENT ON DUMBO.  That’s shocking for a few reasons.  1) I haven’t been on Dumbo since I was Noah’s age.  2) I don’t go on rides that go in circles.  I almost had Noah talked out of it but I eventually gave in.  3) The line for Dumbo is usually crazy long.


In my efforts to get out of it we ended up behind Robby and Ayla but at least we kind of got to take a photo of them!

IMG_0854   IMG_0866



At Mickey and Minnie’s house the kids touched everything.  Here they are making popcorn.


And here we are waiting to see Mickey and Minnie.  Wet but thankfully, it wasn’t cold!


I can’t quite remember how I bribed Noah into this.  It wasn’t his favortie thing of the day – clearly – but he did it!  I was shocked and proud!  Ayla wanted nothing to do with them.

IMG_0888   IMG_0890

But she did want to see the Princesses… which Noah wanted nothing to do with.

IMG_0897   IMG_0918

Ayla was quite the talker with these beauties.  We really got a laugh when she told Cinderella that Noah was shy, told Belle that he was her Prince and they were married, and then told Sleeping Beauty he was her brother.  Maybe you had to be there but we were hysterical!

IMG_0908   IMG_0909

The Princess and the Frog are a new addition to the lineup and they were quite a pair!  They were dead ringers for the characters in the movie and they had such great personalities. 




Then we rode the bumper cars.  I haven’t been on this for a very long time too!  See the reasons up at the Dumbo portion of the trip…



And Noah met Buzz Lightyear.  He kept telling me how excited Daddy would be when he told him they met!

IMG_0952   IMG_0953

And Robby’s favorite ride… The Carousel of Progress.  I’m pretty sure this was my first time on this.




Afterwards we had dinner at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.  Another first and we loved it!


Ayla wasn’t so sure about seeing these characters but if Noah can do it – anyone can!

IMG_0972   IMG_0973

IMG_0975   IMG_0983

IMG_0987   IMG_0992


Afterwards we went to see the fireworks…

IMG_1003   IMG_1018

The kids were way ready!  They had snacks, light up necklaces…. but there were no fireworks.  We were misinformed and therefore an hour early.  Again with the lying fibbing, we were able to escape to the car, unharmed by the crowd or the kids.  Fireworks will have to be another time.  Robby and I were beat! 



I’m not sure who enjoyed this trip more – the kids or the grown ups!  I would do it again, rain and all, in a heartbeat.  There’s nothing like experiencing Disney through the eyes of a child!


Bake Sale!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

That’s it, I’m officially a mom.  In case the whole pregnancy, labor, delivery mess didn’t convince me, this is it.  I spent my day making treats for the kids’ bake sale.  Always trying hard not to take ourselves too seriously, and because I can’t eat chocolate, I didn’t “bake” just anything… Noah and I made popcorn balls! 

Popcorn balls have been one of my favorite treats for as long as I can remember.  We used to make them at my grandparents’ house every Christmas;  I have such fond memories of those times!  Today I use the same recipe written by my grandmother in pencil on an ancient index card. 


Every time time I make them I manage to do something wrong; some things never change.  The recipe is very simple.  Make popcorn, make this eewy, gooey, sticky sauce, poor the sauce over the popcorn and form into balls.  The first year I made these on my own I let 3 milliseconds pass between pouring the boiling sauce over the popcorn and attempting to form balls.  I don’t remember having to wait for anything to cool as a kid!  I also don’t remember how long it took that to heal but I’ve never done it since!  This time I put all the ingredients in the sauce at once, two are supposed to go in at the very end of the boiling process.  Oops.  They still taste great!

And because I enjoy my memories of popcorn ball making so fondly I figured I’d pass on the tradition.  Here’s how it went down -

Noah, Monkey and I pressed the popcorn into balls.  Noah was in charge of picking stray kernels off my hands for his snack.


He was also excellent at finding all the unpopped, hard seed kernels and putting them aside.


Don’t you love his dimple!?


I made a little one for him -


In order to bribe him for this -


Did I mention these things are sticky!?

_DSC0056   _DSC0060

We also baked some double chocolate chip muffins for the boring people at the sale.

_DSC0069   _DSC0066

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope your festivities are just as sweet!

Magical Birthdays!

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Hello Internet Friends.  Why do I always feel like I’m apologizing for being absent?  My computer died – hard.  And as soon as it went and was replaced my monitor followed suit.  So now I am writing to you from a gorgeous new computer setup and I’m able to upload photos FAST! 

Unfortunately I’m behind in my updates, and boy have we been busy, but hopefully I can catch up and post more often.

In August Walter turned the big 4-0.  Two days after that I turned 31 (I’m officially “in my 30′s” and feeling old).  To celebrate we took the family to Disney.  For support we brought my mom.  We had no idea how the kids would handle the heat of Disney in August.  I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge, but we had a blast, and mom got to squeeze in some relaxing while we checked out the parks.

Thanks to our great friend, Lauren, we got to stay at the Swan Hotel.  It was so great being a short boat ride to Epcot!


At the hotel they had a dreamy restaurant.  It was outdoors (ick) but it was so beautiful and the food was amazing!


The comfy seating got two thumbs up from Noah!




And the rest of the property was equally as entertaining…

_DSC2993   _DSC2989

_DSC2761   _DSC2779


And beautiful…



During our stay we only made it to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.  Both were incredibly hot!

Noah, who used to love giant characters, was pretty lukewarm about the whole thing this trip.  We even did a character breakfast and as far as he’s concerned, the highlight was the bacon.  He seemed to love the Under the Seas and Spaceship Earth (the big Epcot ball ride) the most at Epcot.

_DSC2843   _DSC2851

We were at Epcot on Walter’s actual birthday.  For his birthday I gave him smiles.  Lots and lots of smiles, and patience.  If you know me and you know how I feel about heat you know this was an amazing gift and very difficult to deliver.  It came naturally to Kate though.


And I also bought him dinner.  We left Kate with my mom at the hotel and went with Noah to Coral Reef, the restaurant at the Living Seas in Epcot.  The view was incredible, the drinks were delish, and the food was amazing!  It was a great dinner!



Afterwards we watched the Epcot fireworks then went down to the boardwalk for ice cream and people watching.  It really was a magical day!


Magic Kingdom was a little more fun for the kids since its pretty much geared toward them.  We didn’t have a lot of time but we enjoyed the time we had!

_DSC3121   _DSC3120

Noah got a water bottle/fan/squirty thing that he is obsessed with.  He sprayed everything, and I mean everything, but at least it kept us cool!


We rode Winnie The Pooh…


And then Noah and Walter went on the Barnstormer, Noah’s first roller coaster!



He loved it!




And of course we went to see Mickey and Minnie.  Again Noah really wasn’t interested but Kate was in love.  She was so excited, I thought she was going to take her first step into Minnie’s arms.  She was also a huge fan of her giant ears!



And of course we had to hit up the gift shop so Kate could get ears!

_DSC3175   _DSC3189



And since we were so close we took a little detour to go see my Aunt Love and Uncle Kenneth.  They just finished renovating their new home and it’s amazing!  It was quite a project for them but I can’t imagine it turning out any better.  They really put a lot of work into this house that they decided to buy as soon as they saw the view from the front door!



Noah says they have good taste in furniture too!


We also took the opportunity of being with family to use the facilities!  Noah had a flood accident the first night in the hotel.  His poor monkey got soaked and was in desperate need of a bath!  Luckily we were able to make that happen.  Noah insisted on supervising the whole ordeal though!


Here’s that view from the front door (looking in).  Let’s pray the hurricanes stay away!


The kids made themselves at home.  Unfortunately the home wasn’t made for them.  I’m still so sorry about that figurine that Kate wanted to play with!

_DSC3042   _DSC3048


_DSC3060   _DSC3066_DSC3074




What’s Up!?

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

What’s up and where have we been?  I’m going to answer it for you all right now.  Yes, we’re still alive.  Yes, we remember your phone number (or have it somewhere).  No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.  No we’re not mad at you.  Things have been busy.  Crazy busy.  I have been neglecting everyone.  I am very, very sorry.

I have been working tirelessly at launching a new business.  With the two kids always within earshot it has become very hard to plan weddings for clients who expect my full attention (and deserve it).  So until piss and vinegar, I mean Noah and Kate, are both out of the house for a chunk of time every day I’m trying to use my talents for other things.  I just opened “Oh My Bride” (  It is an opportunity for me to still make money and play in the wedding business without having to be on call 24/7 or at the beck and call of a bridezilla with a cell phone.  Sure, I still have “office hours” and plan to interact when I need to but at least the majority of my dealings will now be online and through email to keep me from having to screen calls and dance around nap schedules.  I am still doing weddings, at least until this new venture gains momentum, and I’m looking forward to a packed dance card this winter with events.

As I mentioned before, my sister and her children were in town for 10 days and we took every opportunity to enjoy their company.  We also did my niece, Natalie’s, senior photos while they were here.  With so many interests though it turned into a bit of a marathon and we are still editing.  Here are a few to enjoy for now.

NatFence   DSC_0119-Edit

_DSC1703-Edit   _DSC1831



This is Natalie in her Junior Prom dress.  It was my sister’s (her mother’s) Senior Prom dress but has been reinvented.  Talk about vintage!  We also took some photos of her in her Senior Prom dress but you’ll have to ask her for those.  Wouldn’t want to give too much away before the big event!

Yes, that is a real train.  It was FLYING by.  I’ll spare you the photo with the look on her face that says “You want me to do what!?”.  We have so many beautiful ones to choose from, this is hard!




This isn’t even a sampling of all the shoots.  Like I said, we’ve been busy!

And in the spirit of photos we have (finally) started to embrace our love for the craft and share it with others.  We used to do photoshoots back when film was in and we were still a little (ok, a lot) unsure about the whole portrait thing.  Then it was only for us, then we included friends and family since we’ve learned not everyone can take a photo without chopping heads off.  Fast forward 10 years and hundreds of practice shoots later and we find ourselves getting inquiries left and right.  Family and friends always pushed us to do this and we have seen the light.  To mainstream things a bit and have one central location for our favorite photos we’ve created Yap Originals (  Our friend Lauren actually branded us and always bragged about how many “Yap Originals” she had hanging in her home.  Thanks Lauren!

Here are some photos from our most recent newborn shot.  Isabelle is a doll and she has an amazing family.  What a love!  We have so many other recent shoots that I wish we could share.  Oh, what I could do with free time!





Isabelle’s dad is a firefighter… and she has her own boots!


We were also MIA because we were off getting older.  Walter and I (who are 2 days apart) took the kids to Disney for our birthdays.  It was soooooo hot but also a lot of fun.  We have a million photos to share and will, soon.


The one thing keeping us sane and us as with it as we are (which isn’t very “with” as it turns out) is Kate’s new BFF, Falan.  Falan is the newest addition to the scenery around here.  I hate to call her a nanny, because that sounds so snobby, but she’s so much more than a babysitter.  I don’t know what we’d do without her.  We originally hired her to help until I got Oh My Bride off and running but I’m not sure how we could ever part with her.  Hopefully things start running smoothly and prosperity finds its way to our door so we won’t have to worry about that.  In addition to being amazing with the kids she is ridiculously beautiful.  How lucky was I to talk her into modeling a few hair accessories for Oh My Bride?

_DSC3210   _DSC3393

So we’re here.  I appreciate all of you who have reached out to us.  We are grateful for your love and friendship.  Hopefully things will slow down here just a bit so we may have the opportunity to get back into the social scene.

Love you all!