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Once Bitten

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Noah got it good today!  At his preschool he was on the playground when one of his little “friends” came over to hug him and before his teacher knew it she clamped down on his cheek, just under his eye.  Poor baby!  We took him to the doctor who said he was fine and told him to stay away from women, they are nothing but trouble.  Great advice, bad timing.  I’ll have to post a second photo of how it looks now.  The teeth are perfectly visible now that the swelling and redness have gone down.  Check back for an update.  (This photo was right after it happened.  You can see the upper and lower impressions and how warn out he was from the drama.)


Noah at the park

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Noah has been getting up bright and early lately, too bright and too early for my tastes.  Today I took him to the park right after breakfast.  It was nice to be the only ones there and I had fun taking photos.

_dsc6335_blog.jpg _dsc6290_blog.jpg _dsc6138_blog.jpg _dsc6262_blog.jpg


(Caption: Can we get an adult in here?  My parents don’t have a clue!)

Beach Babies!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Walter, Noah, and I went to the beach last weekend to take Ayla’s 18 month photos.  We got there a little early to let Noah run around.  He was sick as a dog and didn’t enjoy it like we hoped he would but that didn’t keep us from taking his photo.  It was also VERY windy and for some odd reason his reaction was to open his mouth every time a gust hit.  That explains the “O” face!





 Oh, did I mention we were there for Ayla’s photos?  LOL!  Walter did a great job.  Here are a few of Mom’s favorites…






The bloomers are from lil’ sugarpie (, Lindy’s site.