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Pacis No More!

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Today was day one of paci detox.  It went so much better than we ever expected.  We told Noah to say “bye bye” to them and he started to cry (break my heart!) but we threw them away anyhow.  Things were going well even though he kept asking for them – “ba?” – which is what he calls them.  And we reminded him that they were all gone and he moved on.  Everything was fine until nap time where he cried HYSTERICALLY for a half hour before we gave in and let him out of his crib.  We tried again a few hours later and although he cried it wasn’t nearly as bad and he fell asleep about a half hour after we laid him down.  That was it, then end.  Tonight at bedtime he went down without a fight.  We were a little nervous about the day we picked since we went to Chima for dinner with my parents and friend, Jaime, but it all worked out.  It always does.  Life will be so much better without a paci!  Having to pack them, keep them clean, sneak spares – sigh.  If we knew it would be this easy we probably would have done it sooner!