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Our Orlando Weekend

Monday, March 31st, 2008

This weekend we went up to Orlando with the Friedman’s (Rachel, Robby and Ayla) to see our friend (and my colleague) Karla Fountain (  She’s a wedding photographer who is starting to offer family and child portraits.  We had a wonderful time playing at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton up there and we’re so excited to see the photos.  Being patient is so challenging!  Here are a few from the weddings Karla and I have done together, she’s amazing!

316_blog.jpg     pj-w-499_blog.jpg

While we were up there we decided to go to SeaWorld as well.  We took Noah about a year ago and while he had fun he had no idea what was going on.  This time around he was much more into it.  We had breakfast with Elmo and his friends where Noah decided they should be BFF.  He loved petting Elmo and posing with the other characters.  He took several turns going up to see them and wasn’t afraid of anything.  Ayla on the other hand needed to warm up a little before getting too close.  She’s their biggest fan when it comes to Sesame Street on TV but must have been a little surprised to find out they are so big!  Other highlights from the day included the animal shows (doesn’t everyone love Shamu?), the kids’ play area where Noah got to take Walter on a big ride, and the Elmo show.  Less enthusiastic moments were highlighted by the meltdowns just prior to nap time.  We all had a great time though and with a complimentary upgrade to a seasonal pass we can’t wait to go back!

_dsc6437.jpg _dsc6450.jpg _dsc6475.jpg _dsc6484.jpg _dsc6495.jpg _dsc6498.jpg _dsc6524.jpg 

Ayla warmed up enough to share a smooch with her main man, Elmo!


And the Cookie Monster almost started his stand up act.  The characters were so much fun!


_dsc6541.jpg _dsc6569.jpg _dsc6558.jpg _dsc6565.jpg

And here’s Noah standing in for the real trainers – Shamu, JUMP!

_dsc6578.jpg _dsc6604.jpg

The show was incredible!

_dsc6696.jpg _dsc6642.jpg

And then Noah treated us to some entertainment in the kids’ play area…


Before dragging Walter on to Jazzy Jellies.  Walter says he grinned ear to ear through the whole ride.  He didn’t want to get off!  I could never go on this thing, it makes me queasy to think about the spinning!

_dsc6764.jpg _dsc6784.jpg

And Ayla had her caricature drawn -


While they napped we checked out some more animals…

_dsc6881.jpg _dsc6834.jpg _dsc6898.jpg 

Once they were up we made our way over to “Elmo and the Bookaneers”.  I’ve never seen these two so mesmerized!  Noah sat still through the entire show (quite a feat if you know him), he clapped, Ayla danced, it really was a treat!  It’s funny how you get so much joy from your child’s happiness once you’re a parent.  I never would have gone to this show before Noah and now I’m thinking it was one of the best parts of the whole day.  Go figure!

_dsc6907.jpg _dsc6935.jpg _dsc7003.jpg 

Like mother, like daughter…

_dsc6919.jpg _dsc7006.jpg _dsc7031.jpg _dsc7017.jpg _dsc7079.jpg _dsc7037.jpg

Noah’s New Toy – Flashbacks for Mom

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

For Noah’s birthday Aunt Lindy wanted to get him a Sit ‘N Spin.  Couped up in the house the other day we decided to get it early to keep us busy.  Shopping for it was fun.  We decided on a Simon Says Sit ‘N Spin.  I remember both of these toys vividly and its so funny to have my kid playing with versions of both almost 30 years later. 

Here’s him giving it a try.  He’s getting much more proficient!  :)

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Happy Easter!  This was Noah’s second Easter but the first one where he really seemed to get what was going on (well the eggs and chocolate part anyway).  We opened up the basket the Easter Bunny left at home and then went to church where they had an egg hunt and butterfly release.  Afterwards we all went to brunch then headed home for a nap.  In the evening we went to Walter’s parents for dinner and a little more grandchild spoiling.  We had a great Easter and thank goodness Noah is feeling much better!

_dsc6205.jpg _dsc6213.jpg

_dsc6241.jpg _dsc6271.jpg_dsc6379.jpg _dsc6383.jpg


My poor baby…

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Everyone has been asking where our new posts are.  I got three up today but wanted to tell you why it’s taken so long - my poor Noah has been so sick!  He has some sort of virus that gave him a very high temperature and all that goes with it (sleeplessness, cranky, food strike, etc) and we’ve been juggling Pedialyte and naps for the past week.  Today his temperature was down but he broke out into a horrible rash all over his torso.  He’s currently working on a 3 hour nap and I hope he feels better when he gets up but this was the scene at our home Monday night.

_dsc6189.jpg _dsc6190.jpg

Yes I’m mean for taking photos.  Poor guy was so miserable.  Walter looked chipper until Noah woke up at 3am and demanded a Curious George marathon (until 5am or so) and juice.  We have been total zombies all week! 

Family Fun Day with Jeff and Ariana

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Our great friends Jeff and Ariana came to Miami for one last hurrah before Baby Jack comes (he’s due to be here on my birthday – and ironically Noah shares a birthday with Jeff).  Walter took the day off so we could all go down and visit with them.  For those of you who don’t know Jeff and Ari they started out as one of my wedding couples a few years back and through the planning process we developed a relationship.  Ariana was also my assistant for quite some time.  We miss you both dearly!

Anyway we drove down (which due to traffic quite unfortunately took 3 hours, yes THREE, yes, with a nearly 2 year old) and enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab.  Seriously, we should have taken a photo of the onion rings, they had to be as big as Noah’s head.  Then we went down to the beach to walk around a bit.

_dsc6097.jpg _dsc6109-edit.jpg

Money!  Totally a different post but Noah has developed a love for money (change, bills, credit cards – not sure who he gets this from).  He had this nickel in his pocket all day and took it out to admire it while we walked.  I wonder if he thought the ocean was the biggest wishing well ever.  He loves to toss coins into fountains but he held onto his nickel.


Aren’t these two so adorable!?  Their kid is going to be so posh and quite an artist, if he even gets a quarter of his parents’ talent and taste.



Here they were almost 2 years ago on their wedding day.  Awwwww… ;)



Wakodahatchee – Zoolander Style

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Last weekend we went to Wakodahatchee to stroll the boardwalk and check out the wildlife.  The weather was beautiful!  Noah hates having the sun in his eyes but hates sunglasses and hats just as much.  We actually got him to leave his glasses on for a bit though and man, was he stylin’!

_dsc5978-2.jpg _dsc5979.jpg

Every bird at the park was a duck – according to Noah at least.  Anything with feathers, and he told everyone.  We asked him at one point “do you see the heron?” and he responded – DUCK.  Ok, it’s a duck.




So whenever I do or say something crazy (or responsible but unwelcomed) Walter gives me “a look”.  The look usually implies “are you crazy!?”.  Now that Noah is old enough to play along Walter will tell Noah to help him “give Mommy a look”.  Below is what I get every time.  Noah thinks it’s hysterical. 



After our walk we went over to Grammi and Papa’s for lunch.  Everyone always asks how mom is doing (thank you) and how her hair is growing.  We made her pose with Noah so you can see for yourself.  :)


ABC’s and 123′s

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Noah has started talking so much more than ever before.  The world is finally starting to come together for him and he’s able to communicate.  It really is wonderful!

I was on the phone yesterday and he repeated every other word I said, just like your annoying sibling did when you wanted them to leave you alone.  Last weekend he counted to 5.  Can you tell how impressed we are?

At the mall he was playing with the soda machine, pushing all the buttons (he LOVES buttons!).  A man walked up to make a purchase.  Noah stood back and watched the whole thing happen.  The man put his money in, pushed the button, and got a soda.  After he walked away, Noah ran up and started pushing the buttons again but nothing happened.  He spun around, held his hand out and said “I need money”.  I laughed so hard.  He had it all figured out.  What a great kid!

Ren Fest!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Walter and I have been going to the Renaissance Festival in Quiet Waters Park for as long as I can remember.  When we went last year Noah just hung out in the Baby Bjorn until he fell asleep staring at the ground.  It was almost like old times.  This year was quite a different story however.  Just like Disney and everywhere else you take these curious little people every experience is a whole new event.

When we walked in, the fairies (one of my personal faves) were sitting by the gate saying hello to the children and posing for photos.  Noah was curious but there was no way-no how he was going to go near them.  I remember him asking to borrow the phone to call DCS or something.  He was definitely worried and couldn’t figure out why we brought him to this freak show. 


Noah enjoyed the didgeridoo music and wanted to touch the instruments.  This photo of a stunned child really is ours, I know it doesn’t look like him, like I said – he was very concerned.  I love how he’s holding his hands.  If you try to touch him when he’s this nervous he turns from you and totally shuts down.  Poor baby.


Walter always has and always will love the Birds of Prey show.  I will always love the man who puts on the show (handsome like Sean Connery in my opinion).  Noah enjoyed his kettle corn, it’s the only way we were seeing any part of the show this year.


You’ll have to ask Walter just how many blurry or bird-just-out-of-frame photos it takes to get a few great ones like these.  The numbers are staggering!



Right when we walked in a kid had a rock candy sugar stick.  Noah NEEDED one.  After lunch we humored him because we know he’ll get tired of it and be done (instead of eating it all just because it’s good).  Yes, really we got him one.  Yes, don’t worry, we brushed his teeth.


A funny story about buying it actually – Walter and Noah were hanging out with the wagon a little bit ahead of the candy shop.  When Noah saw where I was going he jumped out and ran over.  He approached slowly and curiously and I said “Hi, Buddy!”.  The woman working the shop asked if he was mine.  She was concerned because she didn’t see anyone looking for him (I wonder how many kids take off for the candy shop) and I replied “I don’t see anyone who looks like him either!”.  I could tell she was really worried so I told her he was mine and got a laugh at her expense.  It was a little mean but c’mon – it was funny!


I will always love the glassblowing at the Ren Fest.  They’ve had a few different guys and this one is good.  They just put him in the worst spot where you simply overheat (bleachers in the sun next to a giant furnace) while trying to enjoy the show.  Here he is making a shot glass.