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Happy 6th Birthday, Noah!

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Oh, Noah. My crazy, hyper, awesome, talented, strong willed, and brilliant little boy. You continue to amaze me and I am so lucky to be your “mommy”!

This year you’ve become a fantastic gymnast. You’re super flexible, adventurous, and curious. That means you try doing crazy stunts all over the house with no regard for safety. Luckily the only thing you’ve hurt is the furniture. You’re also really into music right now. You love all the most popular tween songs. Party Anthem, TTYL XOX, and Cha Cha Slide are among your favorites.  We love watching you dance and sing, but you still never perform on command. Your latest obsession is a video game called Skylanders. I’m not sure whether to be proud or terrified that you love video games so much. While I figure that out, I love gaming with you! You also continue to be a terrific swimmer and amazing artist!

Kindergarten with Mrs Gigli is almost over. You’ve done very well, you earned two rewards (Good Writer and Caring), and you only received one warning during the school year. Believe it or not, it was for excessive talking and not following directions. You blamed it on your friend Harlyn but I was a little proud to know you came out of your shell at least once!  In a few months you’ll start first grade. Time has gone by so quickly, I can’t believe you’re doing assignments, computer lab, homework, and field trips. It feels like just yesterday I couldn’t decide between infant mommy and me groups. This summer you and I will spend a lot of time together, like old times. I can’t wait to make new memories, even if a few of them give me grey hair!

You’re still a little on the little side. Just perfect to me but for record keeping sake you clocked in at 43.4lbs and 44″ at your annual well visit. That puts you in the 30th percentile for weight and 25th for height. You will still only wear one type of shorts. We bought them when you were 3 and you refuse to wear anything different. Unfortunately they are 3 years old now so they’re falling apart but the Gap doesn’t make them anymore and you won’t take no for an answer. You get your stubbornness from me (sorry!).

You have become very compassionate this year. You worry when people get hurt and you ask about them when they’re sick. I’m pretty sure this started because you saw Kate’s accident in the shower that ended in 9 staples in the back of her head. In March, your friend Aaron was diagnosed with cancer and you had a million questions. Bottom line was, you needed to know how to make him better. It didn’t phase you when he lost his hair, stopped coming over, or didn’t make it to your birthday party but you didn’t stop wondering either. I hope someday you really will figure out how to make cancer go away!

You are crazy about your sister! I hope you two are pals for life. You definitely drive each other bananas sometimes, and Kate will tell you – you’re crazy, but if you’re apart for long you get antsy. You want to know where she is, what she’s doing, when she’ll be back. She’s the one friend in your life that you never have to warm up to and that is huge. You’re still a little stingy with your personality and only like to share what and when you decide but not for Kate. Kate is your best bud, even if you don’t like to admit it!

You’re still a tinker-er. You need to know how things work. You want to take them apart, twice. I have a feeling you’ll follow in your father’s engineering footsteps but who know! I love watching you grow up and I can’t wait to see what life holds for you. I wouldn’t wish a second away but it is amazing watching you navigate the world and I’m anxious to know who you will become.

I hope you have another amazing year of supreme health and complete happiness! I can’t wait to see what comes next. For me, you just get more fun, cool, and interesting every day. I love watching you figure out the world!!

I love you, bud!