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There she goes!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Kate turned five months on the 22nd and to celebrate – well, she got her picture taken.  What’s new?  Kate and Daddy have been hanging out on Sunday mornings while Noah and I go do our thing.  He’s been enjoying the morning as an only child doing things we used to when it was just us.  Why I never get a morning to sleep in is beyond me.  I am not wishing time away but I do look forward to the day they both sleep in like good little teenagers.

Here’s Kate at five months -



_dsc4297     _dsc4308

And on Monday at the Friedman’s Kate rolled from her back to her belly for the first time.  Noah crawled for the first time at their house and Ayla took her first steps here.  I wonder if we spend too much time together or our kids are just show offs!

Here is Kate on her third roll.  She makes it look so easy!

YouTube Preview Image

Family As Art

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

So I’m pretty sentimental, bet you never would have guessed, and because of it I torture my family with all the memories I want to make.  We have a gazillion photos – pretty ones, crying ones, down right ugly ones.  We have hours upon hours of video of milestones, fun events, even what the kids’ crys sounded like as babies.  Well it’s gotten even worse since Kate’s arrival.  Now that our family is complete I feel compelled to document as much as possible.  Here are two of our most recent projects.  We also did the kids’ handprints in plaster (made into ornaments) at Christmas but that was such a disaster we don’t have a single photo from the “experience”.

Handprint Art
So we stole this idea from Red Envelope.  We had a lot of fun doing them and enjoyed the challenge of trying to make a newborn hold her hand flat.  The canvases are hung in our family room.

Here’s Walter doing his print -


We had to one-arm swaddle Kate to keep her from making a huge mess.


I think Noah had to do his 3 or 4 times.  Guess it was harder than it looks!

hands02   hands03


And here’s the final product -


Way back when I was still in college taking photography classes Walter and I did a photo of our feet for one of my assignments.  It was taken with old fashioned film and developed in our bathroom darkroom so it’s not so easy to crop and throw online but I’ve included a photo of it.  Well that’s been hanging in our family room for almost 8 years now and we couldn’t help but do one with each addition to the family.  Here’s the progression -


Yes, I have huge feet.  Walter and I wear the same size.



Pretty as a picture!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

I have several saved drafts and things on my mind to share with you but something incredible happened today and I cannot help but let it skip to the front of the line.  Our dear friend and professional photographer, Amy Hill, came over to spend some time with Kate and I.  She hasn’t seen Kate since she was 8 days old so of course she’s changed quite a bit.  Lucky for us Amy brought her camera and she captured some of the most gorgeous images of Kate.  Here are just a few of my 85 favorites!  Thank you so much Amy!

d3x_2688   d3x_2693










One other big event happened today – Kate laughed for the first time!  It was so precious.  I forgot how beautiful a baby’s laugh is and I can’t wait to hear it again and again!