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Hot Mama!

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

My girlfriend Lauren is about to have a baby!  She’s expecting her second son, to be named Maxim (“Max”), most any day and is anxiously awaiting his arrival.  She happens to be one of the most beautiful women I know and Walter and I were lucky enough to do her maternity photos today.  Here are a few shots from the day, all published with her permission.

Alex wasn’t really sure he wanted his picture taken.  He warmed up fast though and pretty soon we were coaxing him out of photos!

Is he not the cutest kid ever?  Noah and Alex are about 6 months apart and they are both all boy.  When we get together, especially at the waterparks, it’s double trouble!

We “borrowed” the ultrasound idea from a friend and fellower photographer.  Thanks Virginia!


Lauren is gorgeous and has the most perfect baby bump!  I know how awkward and uncomfortable it is to be nine months pregnant but I think if my pregnant body looked anything like hers I would have complained a lot less! 

Lauren’s husband, Rob, put up with a lot today!  He was such a trooper and didn’t complain once!


Mazel Tov!

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Wednesday night I attended my first bris!  I know everyone thinks I’m crazy for being so excited about it but I had never been to one and it was amazing!  My friends, Gena and Josh, had their son Spencer on the 19th and Jewish tradition is that boys are circumcised on their 8th day of life.  Let me just tell you that he is the sweetest, most perfect little boy.  He’s a little guy, born just under 7 pounds, and he’s so beautiful you can’t help but melt every time you see him.  He’s also the first baby I’ve ever seen with platinum blonde hair! 

The bris ceremony was beautiful!  Not the actual procedure, but the prayers, songs, tradition, and heartfelt dedications – like nothing I’ve ever seen.  It was also my first time meeting a lot of Gena and Josh’s family and friends, who were all very lovely and welcoming, and I was touched by how open and friendly they all were.  You never would have known I was a total stranger until that night, I really felt like a part of the festivities and their circle of loved ones.  It was a great night and other than a few whimpers Spencer did very well.  A few drops of the Manischewitz made sure he was very comfortable and once everything was over he slept like a perfect angel.  He was a gracious host, letting everyone hold and snuggle him.  Hopefully he wasn’t too well rested for the night ahead because I’m sure mom and dad were looking forward to a good night’s sleep!

Here are a few photos from the ceremony -


I have a thing for babies in yarmulkes!

Spencer was named for his grandfather who had a thing for M&M’s

This is all homemade and all amazing!  Aunt Marcia taught me how to properly say rugalach.  I wasn’t able to hide my schikza ways from her!

Mom, Dad, Spencer and the Mohel, who they call Seif the Knife – yes, really.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  This is one of my favorite holidays!  When I was young we would get up early and watch the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while my dad prepared dinner.  Mom always made the pies and dad took care of the rest.  Then in the late afternoon we would feast like kings and pass out early.  Those were the days!  Now I’m lucky to catch pieces of the parade on TV and most years we spend our entire day zig-zagging across Palm Beach County so we can hit all of our families’ homes and end up keeping Noah up way too late.  This year will be different though.  I’ve put the boys on warning that I am watching the parade (darnit!) and if they want to watch anything else they’ll need to find another TV.  We’re also only going to one family on Thanksgiving, Walter’s parents.  On Friday we’ll go to my parents’ for leftovers.  Hopefully we can keep reasonable routines, naps and a decent bedtime schedule for both kids.  Here’s to hoping!

One really nice thing about the holidays is that it brings family to town.  Our cousins, Bruce and Peter are here from Atlanta with their daughters Olivia and Teagan.  We went to the beach with them on Wednesday.  It was Kate’s first trip and she enjoyed it as much as any two month old might.  Noah was loving the water and the weather was amazing.  I leave you with a few shots from the day.  Happy Thanksgiving!

The weather was perfect!  I wouldn’t have wanted to sunbathe with the breeze we had, which is probably why it was empty, but the kids had a great time!


Peter with Teagan                                                    Olivia




Bruce and Teagan making sandcastles

It was early.  Don’t mind my “look”.


I may be biased (maybe just a little) but aren’t my kids so freaking cute?  Kate looks more like an angel every day.


Well Hello There!

Friday, November 21st, 2008

I know – I’m a horrible blogger!  I’m sorry.  We’ve been so busy trying to keep up with these kids of ours that a few things have fallen by the wayside.  I will try to do better!

Kate and Noah are doing pretty well.  Noah has finally realized that he doesn’t have to be nice to his sister.  It doesn’t earn him any brownie points but he gets plenty of attention for acting out.  We’re working on this.  Kate has proven to us that her digestive system (or could it be her taste?) is more delicate than we would like.  We’ve tried so many formulas, gone from her sleeping all day to not at all and back again, called in the reinforcements (our wonderful families), and just generally been very frustrated.  We think we’re turning the corner with this (we hope we are), please send us happy, restful thoughts!  She has managed to pack on the pounds just fine.  At her last visit (last week) she was 12-ish pounds.   That’s half of Noah’s weight!  She is also taller than he was at this age.  Tomorrow she is two months old, it’s hard to believe.  And today, Noah officially turned two and a half.  It’s crazy.  I’m so glad we’re half way through the “terrible two’s”!  Please tell me this attitude issue magically disappears on his third birthday!

I finally got a new camera to replace the one that Noah threw in a pool.  Hopefully this means I will have a lot more photos in the future.  A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having someone else volunteer to take our photos.  Virginia met us at the beach early in the morning and got some amazing shots.  Here are a few of our favorites -











And to show how fast a baby can change in four weeks, this is her now -


Griswalds on Parade!

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

We always used to joke that our family was the Griswald’s.  Do you remember those movies (National Lampoon’s)?  We so had a Griswald mobile!  Anyway, my sister Lindy is in town and we’re all together again.  It doesn’t happen very often so we try to make the most of it when we can.  We’ve done a lot of shopping, visiting, we’ve had babysitter and have been relieved of night duty – TWICE – it’s been great to have her in town!  We even got together for a child free lunch at Seasons 52 which was such a treat!

Last night we had a family dinner at my parent’s.  We took a few photos.  Please excuse my hair!

Lindy hasn’t seen Noah since the month before his first birthday.  This is the first time she’s seen him walk!

And of course the first time she’s met Kate. 

Can you see Kate sticking her tounge out at them?  LOL!

My niece Julia and Kate.  She only holds happy babies.

Here are all the sisters.  I would like to put a caption at the bottom of this stating I’m 7 weeks post partum.  We need to do this again next year when we can all look fabulous and well rested!

We have a lot of history with this green couch.  Here we are in 2004.  Why do I always have bad hair on family photo day?

And then here we are a few years before.  I’m not sure how many but I think a lot is a fair guess.  And yes, we’re shocked about the weight roller coaster too.

And for entertainment purposes we made one more person squeeze onto that poor couch!  Just kidding – mom and her girls.

NKOTB Concert!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Yes, really, New Kids On The Block.  My sister, mother, best friend, and I went to their concert 17 years ago for my 13th birthday at Joe Robbie Stadium.  I was an avid fan!  I just knew I would someday marry Joey McIntyre, and I knew he was as excited about our future as I was.  Yes, really – what do you want? – I was 13.  I also knew that someday I would own a Chrysler Lebaron because that was his dream car.  Gag me.

Anyway, as a surprise my sister thought it would be fun to go to a concert on their comeback tour.  So she bought us tickets and gave them to me at my baby shower.  At first I wasn’t really sure what to expect and even joked about how lame it would be but you know what, we had a good time.  Lady Ga Ga opened (she is such a freak), followed by Natasha Bedingfield (who was amazing) and then the original fab five took the stage.  They played a lot of old songs as well as their new ones.  It seems only Jordan can sing their original songs since he’s the only one with any sort of range (read: the only one who can still sing like a pre-pubescent boy).  There is some sort of debate over whether or not they can actually sing.  If any of them can it’s Jordan (who by the way was looking VERY good).  We had great seats down on the floor of the arena and had quite a view.  I took a few shots with my phone and while they aren’t very good they are worth sharing with other NKOTB fans (hello, anyone out there?).  Speaking of fans, the people watching was INCREDIBLE!  It was a mix of women who were still 13 deep down inside, those who were still pining for the love of the singers and the curious ones just looking to see how much had changed in those 17 years.  I was shocked to see how many were pregnant but I guess a lot of us 30-somethings are having kids these days.  The outfits were crazy, the place was packed and our ears hurt from all the screaming.  We had a blast though and relived a fun time in our childhood.

Lady Ga Ga

Natasha Bedingfield


Halfway through the show they popped up behind our seats.  This was our view.  They had a million outfit changes and for this portion they wore clothes similar to how they dressed last time we saw them.  I got a good laugh.  I wore a shirt with a giant smiley face on it to the first concert of theirs (because that’s what Joey used to wear).  Can you see what’s on the back of his leather jacket? 

Notice how crowded it was!

This was our view of them on the main stage.  Pretty decent from every angle!

Nikki, thanks again for the trip down memory lane!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Happy Halloween!  Walter took off from work on Halloween so we could have a fun day and so it wouldn’t be a huge rush to the festivities once he got home.  Unfortunately we spent “family fun day” hanging around the house with a crabby toddler and fussy baby.  One thing that made Noah happy was the sheet of stickers from one of his Halloween cards (we have the best family who send the kids cards for every occasion).  Noah was feeling very generous and decided to share them with poor Kate.

Look closely -

And here’s another cute shot from our lazy day -

Later when it was time to put our costumes on things got really cranky and Noah was super crabby.  My sister Nikki stopped by to show us her costume and it really iced the cake by freaking Noah out.  He’ll do anything for candy though, even pose for a photo.


Once we got them dressed we took these -


Kate was supposed to be a teddy bear.  I bought her costume months before she was born.  It’s size 0-3 months but as you can tell it’s a little ridiculous and might fit her next Halloween.


Then we were off to the Friedman’s hoping for the best.  We had very unfortunate weather, it rained all day, but we managed to catch enough of a clearing for the kids to do some trick or treating. 

Ayla and Noah dressed up in coordinating Dolphin’s costumes (a cheerleader and a football player), Kate played along in a Dolphins sleeper and Aaden was a lion.  We had a great time and enjoyed watching Noah actively participate for the first year.  He rang doors bells and even managed to say “trick or treat”.  Anyone who knows him would be shocked at that (including us), the thank you’s were a little coaxed.

If you look closely you can see Robby on the floor behind the ottoman waiting to catch a clumsy toddler.  Luckily no one was harmed in the making of this photo.  Doesn’t Rachel have the most amazing decorations?

The Linder Family

To finish off Ayla’s costume my sister Lindy made her a diaper cover that says “#1 Dol-Fan”.  She looked adorable!