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Friday, February 17th, 2012

Kate’s hair is bipolar!  It has officially decided to be pin straight on top and super curly  on the bottom.  For her (very small) modeling career she needed a new comp card so we decided to solve the hair issue.  I took her to my stylist for a cut.  She blew it dry straight and then curled it to see what we liked better.

Here she is straight…

Is it me or does she look like a 12 year old?!

And here she is curly!  

Noah also got suckered into a haircut while we were at it.  He wasn’t incredibly thrilled but was grateful for the one stylist who doesn’t make him wear his hair spikey!

After haircuts we took the kids to the YMCA soccer field for a few photos.

By the end, the kids were completely slap happy and could hardly hold it together for a photo with each other….

…. which must mean someone needs to get tackled!

God, I love these kids!  If you’re wondering… Kate’s agent decided she should go curly.  What do you think??