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Noah’s first train ride

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Noah loves trains.  Not like cultish Thomas The Train, train love, but real live trains.  He loves watching them go by, hearing the horn, and seeing the gates open and close.  Since we didn’t have much on our plate today (and no, we didn’t get the house in shape either) we decided to go on a train ride.  I remember when my mom took my sister, Nikki, and I to the Metro Zoo shortly after Tri-Rail started running and how much fun we had.  Walter (who has never been on Tri-Rail) and I decided to do something similar.  We took the train up to West Palm Beach and walked over to City Place (after realizing we’re too stupid to read a bus schedule and that City Place was RIGHT THERE).  We had lunch at Brewzzi’s, walked around a bit, played on the escalator and elevator (naturally!) and then took the train back home.  It was a great day!  We all collapsed for a nap when we got home but we had a lot of fun.  The bus ride will have to wait for another day (and another bath of Clorox with brillo pads).  Oh, and of course, we took the camera!

We had to wait for the train in Boca, it was running a bit behind.  Noah took the opportunity to check everything out at the station (thank God for Purell!).


He loves water fountains too.  He likes to push the knob and drink from it but has enough strength and coordination to only do one at a time.  So today, he got to wash his face.  He did eventually get some in his mouth!

This is how he reacted when we told him the train was late.  He just crouched down and stared down the tracks, pausing every once in awhile to hang his head in his hands or pop up to look for it.

And then finally it came!  I have no idea why we thought he might look at the camera!  By the way, do you think my belly has dropped?

He is a very serious rider!

And although we got the window covered in condensation he loved watching everything go by. 

“Noah Help!”

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

First, the update from the doctor – return the newborn clothes.  Kate is over 6 pounds already and if she were to make it to her due date she would likely wind up over 10.  The problem?  I’m not sure I’m physically or emotionally prepared or equipped to birth anything that big, even a child who I’m so anxious to meet.  There is a chance the due date could be off since she’s been measuring ahead for the majority of the past 9 months in which case she would likely come before her due date anyway.  But just in case it’s because she’s been enjoying too many of mom’s late night snacks the doctor is encouraging us to force her out by inducing labor.  They will do a final ultrasound in the middle of September and should things remain the same (meaning she’s still measuring 3 weeks or more ahead) we will pick a day to get things moving.  It’s very exciting but nerve wracking all at the same time.  We’re so not ready, and now having to be ready so much sooner is making things even crazier.

One of the things I insist be done before she arrive is her room.  Granted, she’s not going to sleep in there on her first day home, but the girl has stuff and it needs to be organized.  The room isn’t painted, the crib set isn’t done, her monogram is still in a tube, her furniture is still in Noah’s room… it’s enough to make me nervous we’ll be decorating around her.  But my fabulous hubby is heading my warning (and dirty looks) and is finally getting a move on the painting.  Because Noah (who constantly refers to himself in the third person) is such a great big brother he insists on helping and every time Walter goes into Kate’s room he begs “Noah help!  Noah help!”.  So today, we let him help.  Of course we got a few photos of the scribbles he added to the decor and personally, I think they look fabulous!  Have a great Labor Day Weekend.  We’ll be working hard on the house!


And no, we didn’t sign him up for the military.  We were trying to grow out his hair but he has a very stubborn cowlick in the back of his head that makes all of his hair back there fan out like a peacock on parade.  The stylist recommended we keep it short for now, hoping things work themselves out eventually.  It’s that or give the kid permanent bed head.


Friday, August 29th, 2008

It seemed like Noah was a baby forever.  Overnight it seems like he’s become a boy, a big boy!  He’s changed so much over the past few months and when we sit back and realize all he does now it absolutely blows our minds.  He talks so much, he communicates so well, he is very independent, very stubborn and very opinionated.  But he’s also learned how to use his imagination, he is getting very good at playing with his toys by himself (where I overhear some of the funniest conversations on his toy cell phones or between Mr. Potato Head and Monkey), he sleeps in a big boy bed, he remembers everyone and everything, and he’s very interested in potty training.  Where did my little baby boy go?  I didn’t really think about this and reflect on how different things were until this morning when I saw that I had laid out his first pair of real underwear with his new hair gel when showing Walter the treasures from our last shopping trip.  I’m sure the underwear don’t fit yet (because what two year old doesn’t wear 9-12 month clothes and what underwear manufacture makes briefs that small) and I’m sure he’s not ready for them (but he really loves to “go pee pee” standing up like a big boy) but my child has underwear.  How crazy is that??

Bedtime routines

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Noah’s bedtime routine is pretty consistent.  We read books and then he gives us a hug and a kiss and goes to bed.  Well, last night, we finished reading and Noah gives me a big hug and kiss and jumps into bed.  Usually, there is a big stall routine before hand, but not last night, so we were like .. “Alrighty, then.”. 

Anyway, about 10 minutes later, I hear him at his door crying “Huuugggg!  Need huuuggg!”.  I go out and ask him what’s wrong?  Do you need a hug? He tells me that he needs mommy to give him a hug and kiss.  Awwww.  I guess he realized that he didn’t get a hug and kiss from mommy.  He looked so sad and distraught.  So mommy gave him a big hug and kiss and all was well again.  He’s such a sweet boy!

DIY Maternity Photos

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

What a roller coaster it’s been with maternity photos this time around.  We were elated to have Amy Hill ( agree to do them again but things have been crazy for both of us and time has been slipping away.  In that time I have gotten to the point where I feel DONE.  I’m beyond huge and find it hard to smile when someone points a camera at me.  Because of this I am no longer up for a marathon shoot, outside, in the heat, with a two year old, and an extra boulder attached to my already heavy frame.  I feel bad for not giving my belly the attention and time we devoted to it when Noah was inside but I’d rather have professional photos of the actual kid anyway.  Besides, Amy has a beautiful new daughter, Quinn, who I’m sure would rather soak up all the time she can with mommy before wedding season is in full force.

Not wanting to go completely without a family photo we decided to take a few of ourselves.  Just something to commemorate the occasion with, nothing fancy, and I think we did alright.  Thank God Walter is handy with the camera and we had such a great opportunity to get a few shots!  This was right after a 3 hour nap (thank you, Noah) so while we may all be feeling our best some of us may also have bedhead.  Here are some of our favorites -





Noah was so patient with us that we took him to a playground afterwards to thank him.  We got a few cute shots there too.  Not for the same reason but still some fun photos worth sharing.

One of my personal favorites – this is the boys giving me “a look” (when I suggest something absurd, like leaving too early or that they pose for a photo).  We have several photos of this expression through the years but it gets cuter everytime, I think Walter is getting much better at it too!

This Baby Doesn’t Love Disco!

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Noah and I were searching for something to do on the weekend where we could get lost from the house long enough for Walter to paint the nursery.  We stumbled across an event called “Baby Loves Disco”.  It’s a nightclub in Fort Lauderdale that opens its doors in the afternoon once a month to kids ages 6 months and up.  They have a “bar” fully stocked with juice boxes and kid snacks (Goldfish, cheese puffs, fruits, veggies, pretzels, and the like).  Great idea!  Horrible execution.  It was the most crowded, chaotic disaster of a dark room with loud music I’ve ever been to.  A lot of the kids were freaked out and some were down right scared.  Noah was a little clingy and once he warmed up was only interested in playing on the stairs.  We did manage to play with the toys, have a few treats, dance a song or two and get his face painted but we were out of there in an hour.  I can’t even imagine staying the full 3 hours of the party!  We went with Rachel and Ayla and met Randy and Joseph (from our birthing class).  Here are a few photos from the party -

So crowded!

After waiting outside for what felt like forever (but was probably only 20 minutes) we finally got to come inside.  We were all so hot!  I tell you this so you don’t judge anyone’s hair or flushed cheeks!  And yes, the baby is giving me a new chin every day.


Randi and Joseph

Ever seen a child more thrilled about having his face painted?  She could have painted the most amazing artwork all over my kid, he wasn’t going to move a muscle, but he wasn’t going to be happy about it either.

“I stood here for this strange lady so I could look like this!?”

He did look really cute though and it was his very first face painting!

Remember the hysterical kids I told you about?  It eventually got to everyone.  This was our attempt to take a photo of the three kids.  Hard to believe we met in birthing class almost three years ago.  Ayla couldn’t have cared less!

My monkey on the stairs.

Oh – and the nursery?  Not even close.  Walter managed to get one coat of trim done in the time we were away.  Looks like we’ll be finding a few more outings to get lost at.  We have three weeks until we find out if I need to be induced super early and in those three weeks we have a ton of plans, including Walter being away for three days.  This will be interesting!  On a side note we finally settled on Noah’s bedroom furniture.  It was a long road with a few tears finding something to replace the nursery dresser, nightstand and changing table in his room but at long last it’s over.  They’ll deliver as soon as the nursery is painted and the furniture is moved.  You have to love big furniture companies sometimes!

Family Visit

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

My Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Love headed our way for a brief visit this weekend.  It’s always so great to see them but being the busiest retired couple you’ve ever met it doesn’t happen often.  They are constantly traveling, visiting family, researching geneology, and now renovating a new home.  When I grow up I’d like to retire like that!  I can’t even name half the amazing places they’ve seen or countries they’ve traveled to! 

We met at Poppies, as we do almost every visit, because they apparently have the best blintzes on the face of the earth.  A blintze is a blintze to me but my Aunt Love is a self proclaimed expert and blintzes she must get from Poppies on every trip!

Hopefully they’ll be back when Kate arrives.  We can’t wait to see you again soon!

Here’s the whole group.  If you can guess who was taking the photo, and later added to the group by Photoshop you’re good!

My sister, Nikki, and niece, Julia.

And my monster in his new sneakers.  He picked them out himself because of the “dinosaurs” on them.  They’re Lacoste which makes it an alligator but please don’t tell him.  :)

“Work with me …!”

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Its been a really long time since I’ve written a post, but I had to write this one (Dawn is the blogger in our house).  Anyway, its not often that I can talk Dawn into posing for me, but this time she finally relented and let me shoot some shots of her at the beach.  Well, that wasn’t such a great idea because it was hot and she is like 8 months pregnant.  Oops.  She was a good sport and let me have my way, for a little while at least.  I don’t think she liked them, but I also don’t think she sees herself as the beautiful woman that I see.

Here are some of the pics. I love her belly in the shadow …


And my favorite …

She’s so cute!

Hanging with Liam

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Our friends Liam and Katie came over last week.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen them because of their crazy travel schedule and there’s nothing like not seeing a newborn for a few weeks to make you realize how quickly they change.  Since he’s still a mushy little guy we drug out the swing and bouncy seat to make him feel at home.  Noah never liked either as an infant but apparently they weren’t meant for infants.  Noah thought we got him a La-Z-Boy and rocking chair.  At one point he got upset because Liam wanted to sit in his chair and as a guest, and well, the only one who is actually within the weight limit Liam won.  I was really impressed to see how careful Noah was around the baby and it gives me hope that he’ll be just as kind to Kate.  I’m sure we’ll have jealousy issue in the beginning but I think he’s shaping up to be a great big brother.

Here he is chilling out, watching tv, in the baby swing.  We still haven’t put it away because he’s enjoying it so much.  I’m glad he’s so light for his age or we may be out a swing!

And while Noah napped I played paparrazi.  Here are a few photos from the day -

And how could you not love these?

What’s in a name?

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

A really awesome room accessory, that’s what!  Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I’m not into anything “too baby” and anything princess practically makes me gag.  My daughter will probably be destined to love everything uber girly just to taunt me but while I still have some control over the look of her room and style of her clothes I’m going to exercise it.  So naturally, since I’m the only non-girly girl on the planet, when it came to picking out a theme for her room I struggled.  I don’t like purple, baby animals are not my thing, anything crazy busy and bright pink were immediately excluded, so we finally settled on this -

A monogram piece over Kate’s crib as the biggest decor accessory, probably ever. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow. The monogram was copied, errrr, designed by Walter and printed by Alicia at Dali Decals (, who by the way has been amazing if you’re looking for any wall graphics. It will be in white and her walls will be – ready? – pink. Yeah, I know, but it was the lesser of all the evils. We got our inspiration from a magazine photo from The Land of Nod that looked like this -

I can’t wait to get it all put together. I already enjoy sitting in the glider in her room. It’s the quietest place in the house. I can’t believe there will be a baby in there in just a few weeks. Thank you as always for letting me share these stupid little details and thoughts that occupy my mind.