We were having dinner last night (hamburgers, yum yum) and Noah points at the table and says “yeah-yow”.  Dawn and I look at one another and give a “what was that?” look.  Over the past couple months, we’ve had some frustrating times at the table as Noah points at something and gets increasingly frustrated as we offer him everything we think he could want to no avail.  Well, this was no exception, we offered him ketchup (he likes to dip), onion rings, more of our food … nothing.  Finally, it dawned on me … he said yellow!!!  He wanted the mustard!  Sure enough, we give him a little squirt and were rewarded with the biggest grin.  Needless to say, Dawn and I were amazed.  You would have thought he just solved his first Algebra problem.  That was the first time he’s said a color.   Woohoo!!  We’re so proud!  LOL.

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