Welcome Home Maggie!

We finally did it! We got a dog! Noah has been begging and wishing since he learned to speak. Every wishbone, coin in a fountain, and eyelash was another hope and dream for a four legged friend. I grew up with a ton of pets but Walter had a much different experience so it took him longer to come around.

We decided on a Whoodle (soft coated wheaton terrier mixed with a miniature poodle). She came from a breeder near Titusville who was amazing to work with and provided the most loving experience for the pups and the families who received them. The plan to surprise the kids didn’t yield the reaction we were hoping for. We had six months to plan the perfect ambush and when it happened they were so stunned they weren’t sure what to say. Now that she’s been here a few days they have completely fallen in love and all is well. Now to train her!!


Day 1 001

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