Happy 8th Birthday, Noah!!

The years keep speeding by. Almost like a snowball rolling faster and faster, gaining momentum, and growing so quickly! You are full speed ahead out of boy-dom. You would like nothing more than for us to let you be independent and make your own decisions. Unfortunately, you would be a very messy tv and Super Mario addict with a diet consisting of sugar (which turns you into the Hulk), popcorn chicken, and croquettes.

You have done great in school this year! You still excel at math and have no trouble picking up on new concepts. Reading and writing remain your least favorites. Yesterday your reading teacher, Mrs Devino, asked the class to write about how they were feeling. You raised your hand because you weren’t sure what to write. She told me that when she gave you a few examples and ideas that you looked at her as if to say – you’ve got to be kidding me! I can’t wait to get that assignment home and see what you came up with!

Gymnastics has turned into “your thing”. You competed all last year and did a great job! You have so many medals and tshirts (which you love!) from the different competitions. Your best skill is the vault, you always finish in the top 5! You also do a floor routine, the rings, high bar, parallel bars, and pommel horse (which is your least favorite). The highlight of this season was your competition at ESPN in Orlando where you medaled in vault against some really tough competition, it was also a very special venue. In March we decided to change gyms. By “we”, I mean me and daddy since you weren’t on board right away. The new gym is a lot further and the work outs are much harder but you’ve already shown a lot of improvement. I’m a little nervous for August. You’ll be in third grade with big kid homework and we’ll still be driving to Weston 3 days every week after school. I know we’ll figure it out because as long as you love gymnastics, I will do whatever I can to help you excel, but it might not be easy.

You have really started to like music. You tried a guitar class but refused to practice. You seem to pick up lyrics from listening to the radio so easily these days. You can sing along to most everything on the channel I listen to. You’re favorite song right now is “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. Your favorite from the Top 10 is “All Of Me” by John Legend. Unfortunately you’re not the most in tune and rhythm is hard for you but you make up for it with passion. Daddy hopes no one ever tells you that you’re a bad singer. I hope you don’t read this until you’re much older!

Ayla and Charlie are still your closest friends. We usually see Ayla every week and I know you love her but you still won’t hug her and that has become one of your favorite games – torturing her by running from her love. I hope someday you’ll let her catch you every once in awhile. Charlie now has a dog, Harry, who you are in love with! You always want to know when you will see him and we always remind you that it’s Charlie you should be asking about. We don’t get together with him very often anymore but he’s still one of your favorites. You have also befriended a boy named Michael in your class. He’s a great kid and you have a ton in common! I’m hoping some of his great manners and behavior might rub off on you! Why am I still reminding you to say please and thank you!?

This year you sprouted! You are the slightest bit more confident on your own, though you’ll try anything with Kate by your side. You have finally outgrown all your little kid clothes. You are now in age appropriate clothes and they FIT! I never thought we’d get here! You have big feet, but you come by that naturally. You are finally tall enough to ride most theme park attractions. This year when we went to Aquatica for your birthday you rode everything – and loved it!

You still love Monkey to pieces, though he doesn’t have much time before he is IN pieces! All of his stuffing has gone to his feet and he looks really worn. To you, though, he will always be perfect! You believe in all the magical people in childhood – Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. I have a feeling you’ll figure them out soon, please don’t spoil it for your sister. Last Christmas we had a special photo session with Santa since I was afraid it would be the last where you believed. The Santa was so old and half deaf, he was more of a prop than a jolly old guy but you didn’t care. You made everything about him that didn’t make sense seem totally legit. I know how much you want to believe and I hope when you do find out you aren’t heart broken. You still want a dog. You’ve been asking for one since you were old enough to talk. We have gotten into teary arguments about when, why not, and how come. You ask constantly and not so subtly. We know how badly you want one, and I think it would be a great addition, but your dad isn’t a huge fan of having one more thing to worry about, so for now we wait. We’re breaking him down slowly. I did a ton of research and think a whoodle (soft coated Wheaton terrier bred with a poodle) would be perfect. I even found a breeder. Keep crossing your fingers and I will too!

Age 8 is a big one and I have no doubt it will be filled with lots of hurdles and learning curves, but I’m also sure it will bring lots of great firsts and new friendships. I have no doubt you will face the challenges head on with the flair of a (former) red head and the stubbornness of someone who has half my genetic makeup. I love you so much and even though we argue as strongly as we love, you will always be my favorite little boy. You can stop growing now!!

xoxo Mom

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