Happy 5th Birthday, Noah!

Dear Noah,

I can’t believe I just put you to bed on the last day of your fourth year. I love that you still insisted on finding your best friend, monkey, to curl up with, even if he is becoming less necessary to your daily life.   Tomorrow you will be 5. It’s so hard to imagine, since the day of your birth is still so fresh in my mind; like it was just yesterday!


In the last 5 years you have changed a lot – you have become such an awesome little man! As a baby you were fussy and reserved. As a toddler you were fearless but shy and incredibly active. You eventually became stubborn, determined, and strong willed (much like your mother). But as a four year old you thrived as a curious, inquisitive, and funny little boy. Your only-a-mother-can-love qualities became more bearable and you really blossomed! You made friends, spoke in front of people, you sang at the Mother’s Day brunch (YOU! You sang!!), you finished potty training and no longer wake us in the middle of the night with wet sheets (for which we’re very grateful), you’re independent and you love to figure things out. I’m rambling now but you’re crazy cool!


I want nothing but the best for you! I have all these dreams and aspirations for you. I want you to grow big and strong. I want you to swim underwater, to finally give in and wear clothes with buttons, I want you to learn, to read, to tinker. I’d love for you to stop teasing your sister but I know, baby steps.  I can’t believe you start kindergarten in August! I was never going to be one of those moms who got emotional about that sort of thing but that’s proving harder and harder as every “graduation” event passes.

This will be a big year for you, full of a lot of change. I know you will continue to grow and that you will adjust just fine. But, if you need your mommy, now or ever, I’m right here. You still curl up perfectly on my chest and you will always fill my heart, even when you tower over me!

I love you bubbs!
~Your mommy

3 Responses to “Happy 5th Birthday, Noah!”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Happy Birthday Noah! A kindergartner already wow!

  2. Beth Says:

    yes I still check for when you update this :) and this seriously made me tear up. I still remember you wearing him in the sling at blue moon :) I love him, you and your family more than I can express xo
    Happy Birthday NoNo :)

  3. Melanie Says:


    I check, too. Not often…so that means I am a couple of weeks late on this one. But wow.


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